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Bahrain's Leading Law Firm With Over 100 Years Of Experience

Providing exceptional legal services with expertise and experience that is second to none. We manage all manner of legal matters across many industries, including corporate and commercial law, civil litigation, family law and more.

A Hundred Year Legacy

Zu’bi & Partners, Attorneys & Legal Consultants is Bahrain’s oldest established and leading law firm. Building on the legacy created in 1921 by the late advocate Sharif Ali Zu’bi, Zu’bi & Partners is a unique law firm born out of the merger between Hatim S. Zu’bi & Partners and Qays H. Zu’bi Attorneys & Legal Consultants.

Zu’bi & Partners is consistently recognized and remains listed among the top tier law firms in the Kingdom of Bahrain by leading legal journals, directories, and periodicals, and has received a number of significant accolades from other prominent finance and legal publications.

Zu'bi & Partners Bahrain

Practice Areas

Our dedicated team of experienced lawyers will meet and exceed all of your expectations.
We offer a comprehensive range of services, spanning all major areas of local and international law.

Latest News & Updates

Encouraging Economic Growth: Bahrain’s Golden Visa Program

In the footsteps of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain has recently introduced a Golden Residency Visa Program (GRVP) to attract foreign investors and talent to boost the economy in the Kingdom.
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Inheritance in the UAE: Importance of drafting and registering a Will in the UAE

In recent times, with the introduction of Law No. (15) of 2017 on the Administration of Non-Muslim Estates and Execution of their Wills in the Emirate of Dubai and Law No. (14) of 2021 On Personal Status for Non-Muslim Foreigners in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (the “Non-Muslim Wills Laws”) and
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AI: Safeguarding Data Privacy in the Age of Technology

The rise of technology and its impact on privacy and data protection has been a long-standing debate, with the emergence of new forms of data and ways to process and use it. One such technology that has recently sparked this debate is Artificial Intelligence (AI).
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