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Bahrain's Leading Law Firm With Over 100 Years Of Experience

Providing exceptional legal services with expertise and experience that is second to none. We manage all manner of legal matters across many industries, including corporate and commercial law, civil litigation, family law and more.

A Hundred Year Legacy

Zu’bi & Partners, Attorneys & Legal Consultants is Bahrain’s oldest established and leading law firm. Building on the legacy created in 1921 by the late advocate Sharif Ali Zu’bi, Zu’bi & Partners is a unique law firm born out of the merger between Hatim S. Zu’bi & Partners and Qays H. Zu’bi Attorneys & Legal Consultants.

Zu’bi & Partners is consistently recognized and remains listed among the top tier law firms in the Kingdom of Bahrain by leading legal journals, directories, and periodicals, and has received a number of significant accolades from other prominent finance and legal publications.

Zu'bi & Partners Bahrain

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Our dedicated team of experienced lawyers will meet and exceed all of your expectations.
We offer a comprehensive range of services, spanning all major areas of local and international law.

Latest News & Updates

Upholding Corporate Integrity: Recent Enhancements to Bahrain’s Corporate Governance Code

Overview of Corporate Governance Code Corporate governance ensures transparency, accountability, and sustainable growth in business organizations. Acknowledging the significance of effective corporate governance, Bahrain has recently implemented amendments to the
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The Responsibility of Joint Stock Companies’ Board Members

مسؤولية أعضاء مجلس الإدارة في الشركات المساهمة نظراً لتزايد انتشار الشركات المساهمة واهميتها كونها تلعب دوراً رئيسياًفي إنعاش الحركة الاقتصادية في المملكة حيث نرى بأن أكثر المشاريع التجارية الضخمة قد أنشأت في صورة شركات مساهمة، لذا فقد أصبح من الضروري مراقبة وضبط أجهزة إدارة هذه الشركات إذ إن أي تجاوز يصدر من الرئيس او أعضاء مجلس الإدارة قد ينتج عنه أضرار للمساهمين او الغير او أصول الشركة ذاتها مما يعرقل معه سير هذه الشركات وانحرافها عن الهدف الذي أنشأت من اجله.
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Modernization of Bahraini Courts

Bahrain has taken significant steps towards globalization by allowing languages other than Arabic in litigation courts—the recent issuance of Resolution No. (28) of 2023 outlines the mechanism and scope of application for the use of non-Arabic languages before the courts and the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution ("BCDR”).
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