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Notarial Services

Historically, notarization services in Bahrain were only provided by designated Notary Public employees at offices located in government buildings throughout the country under the supervision of the Bahrain Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs. Furthermore, it was mandatory for all documents being notarized in Bahrain to be in the Arabic language and where such documents were in a foreign language, their translation into Arabic was required prior to notarization.

To accommodate Bahrain’s economic growth and the rise of international foreign investment, and aimed to make the notarization process easier and more time and cost efficient for individuals and business, the Bahrain government recently launched an initiative whereby selected individuals have been appointed to serve as Private Notaries.

Mr. Hatim Q. Zu’bi, Partner at Zu’bi & Partners, Attorneys & Legal Consultants has been granted such authorization to provide Private Notary services (English Language) by the Bahrain Ministry of Justice & Islamic Affairs pursuant to Ministerial Order (23) of 2018 with Respect to the Appointment of Private Notaries.

A full list of the documents we are able to notarize in the English Language, pursuant to Ministerial Order (78) of 2017 (as amended by Ministerial Order (95) of 2019), can be found here.

For further information, please contact us on the following:
T +973 17 538 600 / 17 549 605
F +973 17 532 342
E hqz.notary@zubipartners.com