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Legislation & Policy

Our experienced team has contributed to the development and drafting of a significant number of laws and subsidiary legislation in the region. Our expertise covers the areas of legislation development and drafting, public and administrative law, procurement, structuring and governance of government, public and commercial entities.

We understand how any new legislation must fit and integrate into an existing constitutional and legislative framework, together with the need to produce clear and concise legislation that takes into consideration the legal landscape and developments affecting the wider region and our clients.

We have assisted governments in the drafting of new laws or subsidiary legislation; such work comprises the following:

Carrying out a gap analysis to determine what is missing or could be improved in the existing legislation.
Performing a benchmarking exercise to see what is done in other countries, determining any relevant international obligations that will need to be met.
Consulting with all stakeholders to ensure that the full spectrum of concerns is understood and dealt with.

Other Services