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Asset Finance Law

Maximizing the return on investment in capital intensive assets requires complex judgments about business needs, tax and accounting rules. It also involves a variety of legal issues – often across multiple jurisdictions with conflicting laws. Our extensive experience in equipment and facility finance transactions, as well as the depth of our resources in multiple jurisdictions around the world, gives our clients a unique advantage in these matters.

We have been involved in every significant development in the cross-border market for equipment and facility financing regionally, and we have helped pioneer many of the tax, legal and financial structures used in countries around the world.

We provide guidance on a broad range of capital equipment and facility financings, and are particularly active in:

  • Cogeneration facilities
  • Containers
  • Drilling platforms and rigs
  • Nuclear power simulators and generating assets
  • Electricity generation, distribution and transmission equipment and facilities
  • Gas distribution and transmission equipment and facilities
  • Mining equipment
  • Oil and chemical storage facilities
  • Vessels

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